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Multiplex Fox Glider

Right i have found this plane in a local toy store that did sell a RC power glider but they don't anymore so that is that. but looking at this plane and suching round some people have added in the RC function with servos and the rest so can you do an idea as the other's i have seen seem to be a but more strucktral work than i up for, for a £9.99 plane (yes if you buy it in the USA it will be $9.99 as the company are cheap and crafty);)

thank you also this could be a grate build for josh scott


I converted a hand launched glider to RC. Its a piece of cake! Take a look at those other Fox Gliders you mentioned. Use some ideas and be creative. Structural work may not amount to more than simply putting a spar in the wing. Cut some space for electronics in the fuse and you have yourself a pretty inexpensive rc plane! If you have any specific questions or concerns, post them up here!


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I've done this twice; rudder / elevator glider only. Awesome light air slopey only because it is very cool watching this little thing dart around.
well im going to have to wait until monday mayber tuesday to get the plain but i will try it out.
all i need now is some servos and other bits to plug up and im off
I modified my little fox glider with Aileron, throttle and Elevator, currently running a C2222-2850kv motor, 2S 500mah , 10A Esc, 6x3 Prop... Runs good for about 5-6 minutes with some throttle control. Flies well when it's slowed down and becomes touchy at higher throttle ranges. I have 2 HXT900's for control (I think, but could be the smaller 500's

I think they are the same plane?

foxglider.JPG )...
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Yes a bit scrappy, been through a fair amount of crashing... One good thing about these little things, they keep flying, as long as you have a large selection of spare props.
well i am planing to cut mine up and add ruddersand try and get all the surface so that i have full control also i will be adding a small motor for added fun.
i brought a second plane the other day, the nine egale skyrunner, it was good until i crshed it and brock the nose. but i have started the build now for good with card as hinges i will have to stop and what until i get the servos next week.
the only thing it the tail it all wrong with the elorvator at the top of the main tail i may have to do some tweeking to get it to work or i might just put the servo in the back and run it right up but this may put the CG off