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Mustang Build

Hopefully this will only post once. The last time I tried it crashed halfway through.

I'm about to embark on the speed build Mustang and was wondering if there were any words of wisdom that I should know going in. Maybe something that was glossed over in the build video like how the wing servo leads were wedged into the fuselage while slipping the wing in.

Thanks and tone and happy flying


Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
I had to enlarge the wing opening at the leading edge to get mine in then just filled back with hot glue.
This was one of the easiest builds to do.
Got it done but am having trouble posting a pic (file too large).

I'll have to wait until all this damn rain is done before I can maiden it.

It looks like it will fly and the controls work but we'll see.

I did have to make a couple of modifications as I went along, namely digging a hole out of the bottom of the power pod to route the battery connection through and putting enlarging the wing opening to accept the servo leads like mention.

Anyway, I hope to get out to the field Tuesday evening - weather permitting.

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
I glued my pod in so it is not a swappable and put a top hatch on so I put my battery inside the pod and the esc below it. I had to have a hole for the battery lead and rx lead to go thru. I put the esc below as it doesn't move like a battery when it is in a hard hit and the wires going up inside the pod help to keep it from doing so also and it gives the esc a lot more air flow.
Yeah, once I know it flies I was going to glue my power pod in as well. I'll keep the door in the nose for the battery.

All in all the "cuss-factor" was smaller on this one than the storch which was my first and will need to try again. At least I was able to salvage all the electronics so the cost is minimal.

Thanks for the help earlier.

Happy flyin'