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Mutli copter parts run down


Senior Member
I would love to build a tri-copter for FPV sometime soon. I have done some looking around at controller boards and power distrabution boards and trying to understand all this stuff. Flite Test has done some things on this in the past, but more would help.

For example, how does GPS hold work? How is it set up? Which boards offer it? What about return to home? There are tons of questions that could be answered better than I'm seeing in a lot of places. To be honest Flite Test has a nack for explaining things better than most places I gather information. You guys tend to remove the arrogance that I find comes with some other groups of this kind. FT also has a habit of assuming nothing and explaining everything, something I really need with these multis.

Surely if I'm wondering other people out there are as well. FT has a lot more subs on YouTube than members on the forum, and FT airs a lot of multi stuff. It is fair to say there are a lot of people out there wondering about these things. Maybe something like the beginners series, but for multi-copters...
thanks colorex for the link to the list of those boards.
I agree with MrGravey that it would be awesome if there were some episode's about these boards and their use. like:which board you use one a multicopter or on a plane.(i think these are totally different, not the layout but the use)
a review with the pro'and con's of the populair boards would be a nice given.
again thank you colorex, i'm gonna look at those boards and compare to see what fits me.