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My Bixler2 FPV Platform

Thanks for the reply, and at the moment im getting 2km without an issue for the video however for the time being i wont push it too far with a helical as i do not know how far i can go with the FrSky system and that small patch. But i am planning on getting the storm OSD, 1w 2.4Ghz booster and a 5.8Ghz helical in the future so stay posted :)


Living the dream!
good looking plane there, I see you're on 2.4ghz control and 5.8ghz video... 2km is very respectable with that gear, well done mate.

your FPV canopy is very much like mine:


do you currently have an OSD?

StormOSD will be fantastic for you, the RTH function alone is worth the money, let alone you get a cracking OSD (CE OSD) too.

good luck with your FPV in the future
hehe yes ours look almost exactly the same :). Unfortunately I dont have an OSD (yet). I have a CE OSD on the way along with chainlink UHF :). I looked at your set-up and it looks awesome. Your airframe is (prepared) better though. And good luck with further FPV adventures.
Chainlink is not a really good UHF system... I would buy an EZuhf because it's much better. But it's your choice! 15Km with chainlink is not going to be easy....