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My first DLG experience.

I ben looking at DLG videos for Magny years but i have never godt around to order one:)
So my last trip offshore i got bored and that leads me towards ebay/hobbyking etc :D
So Wien i came home i had a new DLG from hobbyking in my Mail box.

I bought the mini DLG pnf from hk took me about 10 min to set it up and Get it flying

Video from maiden flight.

I received my Mini DLG yesterday.
Added a Frsky D4FR and trying to find CG with LIPO's

I took apart some 2S 360mAh but they are old and worn...no stamina left...so I will dismantle a 2S 460mAh Nano-Tech and see if it works...

No flight yesterday, might happen today


Senior Member
Awesome flights! I was wondering how the mini DLG from Hobbyking was. A guy at our field has the bigger DLG from Hobbyking and was wondering how the mini would compare...you've got me intrigued at getting one of these
I got time to fly my mini DLG today, grey overcast, fog and wet grass...not perfect, no wind, no thermals...still lots of fun.
I use a 1S 460mAh LIPO and it seems to be OK on TP. I can stil ladjust both LIPO and RX fore and aft.
No extended flight times due to weather conditions but I am pleased with this plane.

I can add a few pictures later on...


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Finally broke down and got the HK 950 DLG. Had a few rough starts with servo horns breaking and the pod flying off on a toss. However, after some mending with CA I finally got some nice flights in.


I have found though the tail can't handle ground landings well. You really need to catch this thing or have tape and glue handy. Still fun!