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My First Multirotor


Junior Member
Hey guys I wanted to share with everyone my experience building my first multirotor and some of the things I did to get it in the air. I set this up to be 2 person so I can fly it and someone else work the camera.

First Id like to say this was built with the idea of moving some of the parts over to a hex for better Ariel footage. Like the Flight controller, esc's, motor's, and the video TX. I may even use the arms too.

So here's a list of goodies I've stacked on here. I haven't got a official weight yet but it is heavy:cool:

Alien MCW frame with flamewheel arms, the stock ones are flimsy I upgrade to the Neewer ones which are good just a dark red color.
Neewer Tarot Landing skids, they fit almost anything you want to put them on and will save your craft on hard landings
Vector Flight Controller
E-Max 2213-935kv motors with 1045 props
Neewer Simonk 30A esc's .....yea a lil much but I got 8 for $50
4 way power dist board
BSG 2d Gimbal from amazon... I don't like it.. more on that later
Boscam 5.8G 600mw TX... the RX is in my FPV case
Flysky FS-T6 witch I am now upgrading to the FS-i6
Gimbal is ran off a FS-t4

The whole thing is powered by a Floureon 5500mah 35c 3s ...I first tried a 3000mah 30c 3s witch didn't work so well, I now get 8-10 min flight with no problems. I like to keep it to two 3-4min flights per pack to keep motors cool.
also and external lipo alarm and a lot of 3d printed mounts for the fc, tx, and esc clips

Now for the Show

IMG_0400.JPG IMG_0402.JPG IMG_0403.JPG IMG_0405.JPG IMG_0406.JPG