My first quadcopter - Suggestions & Parts list


UPDATE: S500 Quadcopter Build Log

This is the build log of my first quadcopter: A Hobbyking S500 quadcopter


Here's a list of parts that I ordered:

2X HK S500 Frame (one spare frame for replacement parts)

4X Turnigy NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30S 900kv
4X Motor accessories pack

4X Afro 30A ESC (SimonK)

12X 10 x 5 Thin Style E-Prop (Set of 2|| 6 CW + 6 CCW)

Flight Controller
1X KK2.1.5 Flight controller

1X Servo leads 10 pcs
1X Turnigy battery strap
1X Flight controller mounting pads 10 PCS
1X Prop balancer
1X XT60 Harness

Still waiting for the package to arrive at my door, I'm so exited...:D:D

You can still post any tips / suggestions in this thread. Your suggestions will always be appreciated!

STATUS: "Order in transit".

I will upload a maiden flight in this thread and pictures of the Quadcopter put together.

Old post here:
Hi everyone!

My name is Micha
I'm 14 years old
I live in the Netherlands

I'm going to build my first quadcopter.

I have a coaxial helicopter and I have a HK Bix3.
I've not flown a lot with my bix3 because of the weather. There is a lot of wind where I live and the bix3 doesn't like wind at all.
One of the reasons why I'm building a quadcopter is because quadcopters aren't effected so much by wind.
I have a Turnigy 9X radio that I'm planning on using with the quadcopter.

Parts list:

1 x S500 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame with PDB 480mm
4 x NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30S 900kv / 270w or Quanum MT Series 2212 1000KV

The Quanum motors remain a mystery since there are no specs provided on the HK page so I'm probably going for the NTM prop drives.

4 x Afro ESC 30Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware) or HobbyKing 30A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller:confused::confused:
2 x 10 x 5 Thin Style E-Prop Black Clockwise Rotation (2pc)
2 x 10 x 5 Thin Style E-Prop Black Counterclockwise Rotation (2pc)
1 x Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA
1 x 3cm Male to Male Servo Lead 26AWG (10pcs/set)
4 x NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory Pack
2 x battery strap
1 x mounting foam
1 x XT60 Harness for 2 Packs in Parallel

Keep in mind that I'm really trying to stay on budget. I know thats sunnysky and multistar elite motors are better but I simply can't afford those.

Should I go with the Afro ESC 30Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware) or the HobbyKing 30A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller?

For batteries I'm going to use two 2200 3S 20C packs parallel. I'll buy a proper battery from the European warehouse later. (Probably Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack )

I might upgrade the flight controller later to something with GPS in it.

Thanks for taking time to read through this.
Any suggestions are welcome!

If I mis any parts please say so.
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I know you are on a budget, but I would recommend you buy a mini quad like the Nano qx or the Hubsan X4. It would realy help you on your journey to learning how to fly multirotors. Also a great frame is the Zmr 250 quad. Here is my thread that I started on it: It is a bit more expensive but extremely durable.
Thanks for the advice!
I have considered this but I can fly a helicopter and I also practiced on a simulator for flying.
So do not think this is necessary. Thanks anyway.



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16 total, or 16 SETS?

You will burn through props. FAST. 16 total equates to 4 complete sets. I generally recommend a minimum of 5 and if you can afford more, do so. Do not be surprised if your first few flights break one or more props each, and expect a break rate starting near 1-2/flight, and tapering off to 1-2/day -- it'll go lower still, but that won't be for a few months of flying. You'll need enough so that as you start to run out, you have time for the next order to get in.

Also . . . " fly a helicopter" is a loaded term. Coaxial? Fixed pitch? Collective pitch? The difficulty between each is an order of magnitude increase. A *TUNED* multirotor with self level will fly closer to a fixed pitch, Untuned and/or in acro modes, it'll fly a lot more like a CP heli . . . and I'd always bet toward a new build being untuned on it's maiden flight -- even the best FCB can't completely account for a random choice of gear.

Might I suggest a different route?

The quad you're building is on the large side -- big-ish frame, big-ish motors, big, heavy, expensive batteries. It's fine if you're moving toward a camera ship, but even so, I generally don't recommend a camera ship for a first build/first fly airframe (I know you already fly some, but this is a different creature, and won't be tuned). they're generally a little more sluggish in flight (not always a good thing) and can be unforgiving in a crash. The bigger it is the easier it breaks :(

Something lighter and more durable will be able to take that nasty hit easier and bounce instead of breaking something more expensive than a prop.

As cheap and as dinky as it is, might I suggest instead the HK's FPV 260 frame? Dihedraled arms, fiberglass filled nylon frame, and can fit a 5 or 6" prop. Then add on fair but fast, lightweight motors (~100W, 2000-2400kv), set of 12A ESCs, cheap flight controller (the kk2 is fine, but get a USBASP re-programmer with it -- the stock ROM is garbage), then foam mounting tape, servo strap, male/male servo leads, XT-60 pigtail (for power -- possibly a PDB as well to keep it all neat), 3s1300 35C+ packs, MANY props, and consider getting a few colored light strips for orientation.

You'll end up with something smaller and lighter, but in the end, a bit more durable. After all, it's not crashing that slows your growth as a pilot -- it's the time off the sticks while awaiting repairs that slows your growth.



Thanks Craftydan.
I really appreciate your advice!

I have to say I'm sticking with my choice. Regardless the (bad) consequences.

I have flown a coaxial helicopter.
I'm practicing a lot on a simulator with a 500 sized quadcopter and it's going really well (also in full manual mode).
I'll get 6 sets of props and when I break one set I'll immediately order a new set.
Those miniquads don't really interest me. I've also heard that the arms on those cheap 250 sized from from Hobbyking break really easy. And a QAV250 / Blackout is way over my budget.
I'm indeed moving towards a camera ship.

So heres what I think I'm gonna do:

I'll buy 2 S500 frames. (If anything of 1 frame breaks I can replace it by parts from the other frame, I'll go for the afro esc's instead of the HK blue series and I'll get 6 sets of props.
I already have this USBasp programmer with this 10 to 6 pin adapter.


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sounds like you have your mind made up, good luck. to bad prop savers did not work on multirotors. heh.


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That's true of the FPV250 frame -- it's simply plastic -- but the FPV 260 frame is glass filled . . . but it's your money.

I can't say they interested me much either until I built and flew something in the 500 class . . . and found I really prefer the 250 class. there's a lot to be said for lacking inertia . . .


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I had a similarly large hex for my first build. I had graduated from coaxial helicopters to cheap banggood quads.

I thought I was ready.

I wasn't.

It was expensive.

Lots of props, lots of frame arms. motors, ESCs, pretty much everything except the flight controller.

I wish I had learned to fly with something cheaper, but I didn't kill anybody.

If you get the same pieces of advice 20 times from 20 different people, it's probably good advice.

All that said, build and fly. Ultimately its your choice, and like Charpu said in the podcast, it's not going to hurt your body.


I'll just see what happens. Maybe I made the right choice, maybe not.
I'm still confident I can fly it because I can on the simulator.
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Once the parts are on order, the only thing you can change is the build.

I see you plan to put 2 2000mAh lipos in the air at one time. IMO, one 2000mAh lipo is too heavy for a beginner to learn on as it will bash your copter in a crash. Two on the copter at once will pummel your copter to dust. Save yourself some pain. Keep the second lipo and the camera off the copter for the first few weeks while you learn to fly.

Dan has it right. When you are learning the issue isn't flight time in the air, its lost flight time due to crashes and breakage and waiting for parts. The less you weigh, the less damage you will take in a crash.

My worst crash ever was trying to show off in front of a girl. Sims cannot ever duplicate the REAL life challenges of flying. :)


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I jumped into multirotors with a scratch built 600 size quad with 11" props and 2200mAh batteries. I had no multirotor flight experience, but like you I had plenty of simulator time. A lot of the suggestions here are good. Use only one 2200 or smaller if you can starting out, and take everything off the build you don't need to fly. If you are extremely cautious and calculate every move you make you'll be flying without breaking too many props or your frame. Stay close to the ground and try techniques such as in the FT beginner multirotors episode.

The downside to this approach is that you will take longer to learn in comparison to flying a quad that you aren't afraid to crash. It can be done, don't get discouraged! Tall grass is your friend.


Thanks for your advice cranialrectosis!

I'll put one battery in it instead of two.

I'd Also like to say that I'm really impressed by how many people are helping me and giving awesome advice. Thanks in advance to all of you.


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I didn't even think about the battery size. My hex was a F550 clone that grew into an 800 after I lost a few arms. 11" props and TWO 4000mAH batteries. It was a wrecking ball falling out of the sky. No wonder I spent so much money fixing it!

New build is a lightweight electrohub tricopter. Bare minimums plus FPV equipment


Thanks for shopping at our store

Your order details are:
2x #155000211-0/57154 S500 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame with PDB 480mm = $33.82
1x #171000401-0/50287 HobbyKing™ Universal Propeller Balancer, For T Style And Std Propellers = $6.75
1x #601A-2PParal/10265 XT60 Harness for 2 Packs in Parallel (1pc) = $2.31
4x #NTM2830S-900/25081 NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30S 900kv / 270w (short shaft version) = $60.04
4x #9192000124-0/39708 Afro ESC 30Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware) = $55.84
6x #9329000217-0/46967 10 x 5 Thin Style E-Prop Black Clockwise Rotation (2pc) = $12.30
6x #9329000218-0/46968 10 x 5 Thin Style E-Prop Black Counterclockwise Rotation (2pc) = $12.30
1x #9171000446-0/54299 Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA = $21.95
1x #015000011/23036 3cm Male to Male Servo Lead 26AWG (10pcs/set) = $4.14
4x #NTM28-ACC/16719 NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory Pack = $7.40
2x #Turnigy-HKLP/11736 Turnigy Battery Strap 330mm = $3.10
1x #402000001/15214 Gyro / Flight Controller Mounting Pad (10pcs/bag) = $1.95

PayPal $0.00
Air Parcel (NETHERLANDS) 2500g - 2999g $39.89
Taxes: $0.00
Total: $261.79
If anyone is interested...

I'll also post a hovering test and maybe a maiden flight in this thread if any of you are interested in that and would like to see me failing.;)


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sure, i want to see. also you may need to post a picture or two or a video to help debug your build. good luck.