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My GoPro Hero 2 is freezing on me?

Ok, my Hero 2 randomly started freezing on me? I was using it this past weekend on a youth retreat to mainly take photos, and it started freezing! I could not change the setting, turn it off,make it do anything! I had the LCD screen on my Hero 2, and the second time it froze I looked at the LCD screen first and it had froze with the image of what the camera was looking at when it froze (the ground with someones foot). The only way I could get the camera to work again was by taking the battery out and putting it back in. This happened 4 times over one day!

Has this happened to any of you fellow Hero 2 owners?



Master of the stock AXN
People in another forum i'm in have sent an E-Mail to GoPro to find out more about this, no answer yet. Seems like this only happens to the cameras with the ''new'' update for it. Mine is in original state, and have never froze on me. (Got to replace the camera for a new one though, dust on the sensor from production)

How to downgrade (and most likely fix your problem, until GoPro sorts this out)