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My KK 90GT and Tiny Whoop

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to the hobby and wanted to share what I'm up to. I'm a college student without much disposable income, so most everything I have for the hobby is carefully budgeted for or given as a gift. (My dad is honestly very generous)

My 90GT
I've had this little guy since November. At first I didn't have goggles, so I just flew it in auto-level LOS. That was fun, but I have goggles now. I broke the last of my props in December, so it just sat on a shelf until Monday when my order from Banggood of like 50 sets of different props came in. I stuck some Gemfan 2035's on:

Thanks to some stick time on FPVFreerider, my first acro fpv flight was at least successful (meaning nothing broken). It was really fun! I think I'll take the prop guards off now that I have a bunch of props.

There was one issue though: I get terrible video range. I have Emax Pagoda's on my goggles, and watching other people fly with circular antennas looks great, but with my 90GT, I'd say it's only ~100ft before there's too much static to fly. I know this is only a 25mW VTX, but it should do better than that anyway, right? I suspect it's an issue with the little linear antenna on the VTX vs the RHCP pagodas on the goggles. What else could cause range that poor?

Replacing the antenna on the VTX looks difficult but doable. Has anyone here attempted such a thing? I would much rather have a pagoda or cloverleaf on it. The other option would be to put an AIO camera with an RHCP antenna up top, as I've seen some people do. But I really like the stock look/camera location.

Also, my camera is angled basically flat. Will I have a problem adjusting to an up-angled camera later if I learn to fly this way? I don't mind adjusting it, just wondering what people think on the subject.

Tiny Whoop
I ordered myself and my wife a pair of Eachine E011's for Valentine's day (how romantic, right?) I plan on putting the silverware firmware on mine at least, probably leave hers stock for now. Will get pictures when they arrive.

In the future I'd like to put a camera on mine also, but that's outside the budget for now.

Anyway, thanks for looking and any input!