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My scratch build delta


Junior Member
This is a plane im about to maiden any day now!

Wingspan: 30"
motor: tp 2408
prop: 8x4
Esc: 20 amp
servos: 2 hobbyking 9 gram
Foam used: Pink foam from homedepot

Check out Rctestflight for some for videos.

Are you the RCTrasher from youtube? Anyway,
I also build this wing, Made from 5mm depron and pink foam. maiden will come soon.
I already did some glide tests, I think it will fly like a dream! :)


Junior Member
Hey guys, finally got a chance to maiden this and it flies awesome. It could be a little faster. I want to build a bigger version with a 40" wingspan or so to carry the gopro. I reccomend this to anyone who has never built a plane before, or anyone who wants an amazing delta.


Junior Member
I'm want to build wing something like swift and i have question how many degrees must be in the front? And what difference will it if i put normally propeller instead of pusher prop?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
The problem with the pusher prop isn´t that dramatic.

Just use a flipped normal one and go with that. I do it that way and my wing goes vertical.
Pusher props are just more expensive (in my eyes) for a little more efficiency.


Propaganda machine
There's no reason why you couldn't put the motor and prop on the front. I think people always put it on the back because of the flight characteristics of most wings. It's very easy to nose dive them.