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My take on the FT Bloody Wonder / Funbat


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I'm using the wing from the FT Bloody Wonder plans... however, I used my own fuselage and firewall. I think the Power Pods add too much complexity (and weight) to what should be a simple build. Just my humble opinion.

Grayson Hobby Micro Jet V3 with a 20A ESC. It uses a 6x4 prop. The two servos are 9G metal gear.


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nice. I built a Funbat a few ears ago, and imediatly built a second one to change a few things I didnt like about the original design as well :p

I dont want to hijack but heres my version too. hope you like it.


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I kike your "twist" on the Funbat... any video of it flying? By the way I followed your shrike thread on RCGroups... it is still on my list...



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How tight is your speed clevis? Seems like a lot of flex in the control rod...

Nice VTO's. Mine were successful but nearly so graceful. I think I just gave too much throttle and when it jumped in the air, it came right at me. No harm as I corrected before disaster, but I do stand back a little farther now...


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Sadly I have no video of my Funbat in action, though I do still have the PDF of the "mod parts" if you want. though it was hard getting the ESC into the new upper nose area.


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LOL I saw the flex in that rod too. The clevises are nice and tight, I secured them with locktite. I'm going to add another zip tie to act as a guide for the elevators control rod - like Josh showed in the Funbat build video. I normally use heavier rods in my builds to prevent so much flex. Or use plastic tubes as guides when needed.

Outcast... thanks for the offer on the PDF, However, I doubt I will ever build another Funbat. Too many other designs on the list!



Fly, yes... Land, no
one a side note for control rod flex, I have used small peices of perferated circuit board to act as control rod guides. you can get the stuff from just about any electronics store, Radio Shack still sells them too (provided the employees let you get past the cell phone display).