My Tiny Trainer Build


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Wait, so I sat here and read through every comment just to get to the end and find out you haven't flown it yet?... 😒
Lol Good luck! 50% throws with 30% expo. Adjust accordingly after first flight.
This is actually my second reply to the same post. You inspired me to re-read through every post on this thread. Thank you for that. What a journey it has been! Wow. Just wow.

Everything is set. I'm just waiting on the weather.

The Journey Continues.


I know nothing!
I made a pact with myself that except for research to answer a question, I would not revisit this forum until I had at least tried to fly my Tiny Trainer.

I finished the new wing build. I found a place to fly. Today was a day off from work, and the weather was amazingly accomodating.

So. Here I am, back on the forum. Yes, I got video. :)

That was the first battery. My first ever RC flight, with my first ever RC plane build. I flew through almost three batteries. I nose-dived at the end of the first battery. I successfully landed at the end of the second battery, and nose-dived about two-thirds of the way into the third. It was getting late, and it was time to go home anyway.

The field I was flying on was sodden. That actually worked to my advantage. No damage to the TT at all. The final crash dislodged my receiver from the tape and I've got a bit of a wrinkle on one side the nose. Given time and another battery, she would have gone right back into the air.

Did my sim time help? I "nearly" crashed so many times it would be difficult to count. Every time my fingers just kind of moved on their own, and I looped or pulled out of it. Both crashes occurred simply because the plane was so far away that I could hardly see it, and lost orientation. In my opinion, the sim time was invaulable.

Those of you who suggested and explained the stripes on the bottom of the wing? Thank You! Those stripes are pretty much how I flew. I just watched them and knew what the plane was doing, until it got too far away, and I couldn't see them anymore.

End of the day? WooHoo! I got to fly! It was exhilirating and terrifying and everything I'd hoped it would be. If you watched the video, the GoPro is on my head. It's not hard to see just how shaky I was!

It is thanks to FliteTest and this wonderful family that I got to experience that. Thank you! I cannot wait to fly again.


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@buzzbomb rock on brother! You did it and did a great job at it. I haven't had the time to watch the whole video just yet because I am at work but I promise to watch it all the way through when I get off in a bit. I am really happy that you did it you born pro :).


I know nothing!
@buzzbomb I watched the whole video and have to say that you really did good. Seems like you remembered everything that we ever said on the posts and learned from it. Great job with that. I am also very happy with my birthday gift from you :).
Thank you. We are here to learn, and yes I definitely did. It's a lot to take in, but as you know, it can be done. Also, I suppose a belated Birthday gift is better than none. Happy belated Birthday, my friend! My flights were absolutely glorious to me. You've moved from the inspired to the inspirers. You've got some very ambitious builds, in my personal opinion that are waiting for flight. Oh? Was that a gauntlet, tossed out on the floor? No. You'd kick my butt. I still can't wait to see them fly!