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MZ 12 non copter transmitter


Does anyone have a way to get the Graupner MZ12 to work with a quadcopter?
The version of the mz12 I have only has settings for airplane and helicopter.
Yes, but how though. There are a million settings and none of them do anything close to what I want. How do I outupt my roll to, in a left bank, have the right motors going faster, and then in a right bank, have the left motors going faster? Stuff like that, I only have 5 channels for mixing and all of them are being taken up making it so that adding throttle actually gets all 4 motors running
The standard "airplane" mode works for me, nothing fancy. the throttle will operate all four motors the only time the motors speed would vary is with the throttle open. the actual mixing on most quads is in the flight controller there should be none needed at the TX.
Go to our website at www.graupnerusa.com and check the download section or GR-18 and mz-12 download tabs for an extensive tutoria as to how to set it up.

Should not take more then 15 minutes including copter.

And you can always call us for help.

Good luck
Graupner USA


Master Tinkerer
You don't worry about the motors from the transmitter. All you need to send to the copter is your standard 4 channels, plus an auxiliary or two for modes or other functions.
I'm using my DX9 to fly a T Copter, but I use the standard Acro model. With a recent firmware update, the Spektrum radios have a multicopter model type. All this does is use more relevant information, such as "roll" instead of "aileron", and some other things I haven't looked into- There's nothing special about the control signals between the TX and RX that you wouldn't find on an airplane or heli.