Needed some guidance on a balance charger.


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Guys, I am a newbie just getting into this hobby. I just finished building my first ever plane which is the FT Delta.

So, I bought some electronics at I would need. (Which is almost everything including radios).

Then this is the first problem that came to me : How do I charge my battery?

I bought the turnigy 2s-3s basic balance charger. Link >>

It doesn't have a socket for me to plug into the wall.(I am from Malaysia the socket type is the identical with the one they use in the UK).

Or do I need a additional power supply? If yes can someone tell me which is good and basic and most importantly compatible with this balance charger for a beginner like me? I don't have a lot of budget.

Thanks you guys a lot I wish I could fly my first plane as soon as possible and learn more from this great community!



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It needs 12 volts. You could just attach it to a car battery with the supplied alligator style clips.
Hobby king also offers power supplies. You can alternatively research using a computer power supply, as they have 12v and 5v outputs, there are many posts/videos on setting one up.


Hey Kevin,
This charger only charges via the balance plug. It also appears that this comes with a round connector that plugs in to the device and then alligator clips on the other end of the wire. Here is the tricky part, you need to attach those alligator clips to a power source that outputs 12v 0.8amps (or less amps, but will take longer to charge). You can find an old laptop power cord or PC monitor cord, (make sure it is unplugged) and cut off the round connector exposing the 3 wires inside . Strip off some of the power and ground shielding and clip the alligator clips to the exposed wires. If all works well, cut off the alligator clips and soldier wires directly together.

Unfortunately, this is not a novice endeavour. Since it was only a $4.50 piece, i would recommend going with a better charger that has a power cord already. Also, keep in mind that the output rate (in this case 800mah) is pretty low if your flying bigger batters (1800mah and higher). This charger can charge those, but it will take quite some time.

It's hard to find a decent charger for under 40:

Nope this helps.



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It cleared my mind a lot. Very good mod of the old laptop adapter. Thanks for the information. Very helpful indeed. :D