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New 2 FPV

Hello, folks

I first heard of Flite Test via YouTube. I started out a couple of years go 3D printing a 110 micro FPV quad copter frame, and playing around with that. Then, in the past couple of months got interested in the 250 racers, specifically the ZMR250 platform.

I built one, got it registered and am slowly figuring out how to fly it. I'm currently battling some 5.8 gHz effective range issues. This is the reason I'm here. I hope to get this range issue figured out. I'm getting crystal clear video reception when within a few feet of rx and tx together. But as I walk about 100 yards, the video goes to crap. I don't even have the motors on! I just have the video hooked up, QC isn't even armed.

Cheers from Washington State, USA
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TT, Welcome to the forum and thanks for a bit of an introduction of yourself.

Could you provide a photo of your quad with antenna in view and also your receiver set-up with antenna in view? What transmitter are you using and what it the transmitting power out?

Again, welcome.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of FPV.

100 yards is not bad at all if your TX is only a 25 mw. If you are running higher power then I would ensure that your antennas are both the same. Right hand or left hand does not really matter but they do have to be the same. If you are using the freebie Dipole antennas that came with the gear then you should upgrade to circular polarized matched set. Aomway makes an excellent budget level set that out preform some of the top end antennas.

Finally most FPV gear has multiple "Bands" of frequencies and eight channels to select in each band. Some frequencies are quite close in various bands so sometimes if things are great up close but quickly degrade it is usually that someone has chose a similar channel frequency but different band so check to be sure that tx and rx are in the same band then match channels.