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New brushless gimbal controller?

Hi everyone. I bought this gimbal awhile ago from a auction and got it cheap. Wanting to get it working again so I can use it with my electrohub, just as a aside from miniquads. pretty sure it's an arris cm2000


Problem is that I cant get it to level no matter what. I flashed brugi onto it. Made sure that the motors are plugged into the correct ports, made sure the acclerometer was co-responding to the correct axis, calibrated it, and balanced it. Then I turned up the power until the cam had a bit of resistance (turned it off on the other axis), and started to attempt to tune the PID.

Problem is whenever I touch the P it shakes voilentley, and doesn't want to attempt to keep in any particular direction. There is no attempt to level, the motors the motors just shake. If I leave it long enough, the motors will end up winding around untill the cables bottom it out.

Not sure what is wrong here. Anyway dont really want to fart around with this controller much more. If it's a quick simple fix then sure. But thinking I will just replace the controller for something more well known/reputable.

Anyone have suggestions for a good gimball controller that I could use for this. Wanting cheap, I'm a student! :D

Thanks everyone!
So I had a similar problem with a cheap gimbal I got off of ebay a few years ago. I figured out last Thursday that the bottom sensor was mounter upside down. Flipped it over and the gimbal works just fine. The gimbal also wanted a pwm signal telling it to level out. It still wobbles when the camera wire hits the landing gear, but all in all it works.