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'new' DJI F550 replacement parts

TL;DR Need to replace a DJI 2212/920Kv motor (and get an extra 1 or 2) as well as get replacement and extra DJI 1038 or 10 x 3.8 props preferably both from a US distributor that has a good reputation ( a few seem to have Customer support issues).the Tx i got with it (a Spektrum Dx8) has a few broken/loose switches. Horizon hobby says they can fix it for $40 an hour. good deal? Not sure how good i would do soldering my own switches on.

Long part: Was gifted a DJI Firewheel 550 after its previous owner bought 2 Inspire 1's for his Aerial filming. I would now like to use this unit for the same use and some FPV fun-flying, mostly following fence lines and ditches in large open fields. FPV gear is probably going to be a must (as most of this is 2-400 yards away across an open field) but i have not researched it. (why its not in the TL;DR)

Electronics already on the Hexa
6x DJI 2212/920Kv motors (minus one faulty one)
6x 30A 'OPTO' ESC
Spektrum AR8000 8 channel reciever+ satalite reciever
NAZA M V-1 Main control + GPS unit + LED unit
using 3s 2200mah, wanting to upgrade to a 3s 4500/5000mah for longer flite times

The only problem with the Hexa, is one motor is seized up, with a silver wire sticking out the bottom and the props are beat out and over worn (with one prop mix-matched) currently it has 6 DJI 2212/920Kv motors spinning 5 DJI 1038 blades (one unmarked 8 inch prop as well) i have found the 1038's in a couple places, but for the carbon fiber and they come out to nearly $4.25 a piece... $50+shipping for a set and replacements seems excessive, is it?

as an extra, The GoPro gimbal that was on it has a dead motor, its an awfully tiny thing and im not sure I could repalce it... Should I just get a new gimbal when I decide to or try to repair it?
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