1. N

    Is enough for this motor?

    I just started the hobby and crashed my fms red dragonfly trainer and I want to build a Ft simple scout from the leftover electronics. Can a 10x3.5 Slowfly prop work with the dragonfly's motor and a 20A esc and a 3 cell battery?
  2. R

    Solved Flite Test AN-2 Maiden tips

    I'm planning on having the maiden flight of my newly built master series an-2, and was wondering if anyone has any tips or knowledge on how they fly? What rates should I have, should I set expo, any bad flight characteristics, is the suggested CG good, how fast does it fly? etc. Hope these...
  3. GingerFly

    Scale foam board building tips

    Hey Y'all, I'm currently building the FT mighty mini corsair (version 2) and am trying to make it look as scale as I can. Do any of y'all have some tips for smoothing seams, filling in gaps, or just adding scale details on foam board builds? I've attached below my build in its current state...
  4. L

    Wooden knife for prepping foam-board joints

    Here is a quick tip that I would like to share after building a couple of Tiny Trainers with my young boys. It was difficult for them to peel the waste foam out of "A" and "B" folds and at the edges of body panels. I had scored the foam-board paper, but it was difficult for them to cut the...
  5. ReinventingTheWing

    New Noob, Any Tips?

    Hey I'm about build the FT Explorer, and the swappable pack both flown with the Dx6 Transmitter. If anyone here has built the FT explorer or swappable pack I would love to know any tips from you guys, and am still very interested in tips from anyone else who has some experience.
  6. S

    Tiled Build Plans Setup Hints and Tips

    Hey everyone, I know that the build plans can sometimes be a pain especially putting together the tiled builds. Some of us don't have a 40 inch printer to print the full scale planes. I've done tiled plan builds a few times, getting them lined up exactly perfect is a task on its own. But with...
  7. R

    RC Plane Fun - An intuitive site to help RC Pilots!

    Come check out the new site, RC plane Fun! Here you can learn all about RC aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, and quadcopters! This is a great site for beginners just getting into the hobby and want to know "what next" and "how to!" There is also a weekly blog for new tips, tricks, and...
  8. B

    E-flite P-51 mustang

    I recently got a eflite p-51 mustang with 44 inch wingspan and was if anyone had some good tips for flying and landing this beautiful airplane. I have a couple years of flying 3 and 4 channel airplanes and flying simulators but thought it might be a good idea to get some tips from people with...
  9. B

    808 Keychain Camera

    First post! Just starting the RC Plane hobby with previous quad-copter experience with the Hubsan H107L. I got a Keychain Camera from China through Amazon to test out once I can keep my plane in the air for more than 10 seconds. Its the swap-able nutball scratchbuilt. Anyone had success with...
  10. L

    My FT Simple Storch should arrive tomorrow! Tips or Pointers?!

    I should be receiving my Speed Build kit for the FT Simple Storch tomorrow, as well as my new Tran/Receiv. and I should be ready to fly after the build! Before I start, what tips/pointers do you all have to a first time builder, first time flier and a very hyped up 16 year old!?
  11. dannyboy70000

    Tips for getting into the hobby

    Are foamies a good idea? Short answer : YES Long answer: YES but don't make it your pride and joy as you are going to crash it and it is going to break. i made an FT-Flyer as my first plane and they fly really well to begin with but as you fly them and have a few hard landings either on the...
  12. K

    [B]Share your camera settings and tricks here! [/B]

    What type of camera do you use? What setting do you find best for aerial footage? (720 60? 1080 30?? etc) What angle do you like the most? How do you mount/ what do you use to mount your camera(s)? What is your favourite thing to video? Scenery? Sports? Etc What do you like to see in aerial...
  13. dannyboy70000

    Plane stuck in the tree

    hi, i was flying an FT-flyer at night with no LED's and it got stuck at the very top of a big 30m tall tree at least and it is too dangerous to climb up it and we don't have a pole big enough to get it and we also cant hit a tennis ball up that high, we don't have FPV so we couldn't drop...
  14. S

    'new' DJI F550 replacement parts

    TL;DR Need to replace a DJI 2212/920Kv motor (and get an extra 1 or 2) as well as get replacement and extra DJI 1038 or 10 x 3.8 props preferably both from a US distributor that has a good reputation ( a few seem to have Customer support issues).the Tx i got with it (a Spektrum Dx8) has a few...
  15. M

    Easy Star 2 - Motor/ESC/Battery Recommendations? Build Tips?

    I recently picked up a Multiplex Easy Star 2 kit, and I'm looking for recommendations and tips from those who have had some experience flying, building, and tweaking this plane. Eventually I would like to outfit the ES2 for FPV, but I'm not quite at that stage yet. For now, my top priority is...
  16. M

    Tricopter buildplan for a noob

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a tricopter buildplan for somebody who has no experience at all with building custom copters. I dont known anything about it so i'm looking for tips and a buildplan. Thanks in advance!
  17. t3yf5g

    First time using Glue gun

    I have my FT mini scout kit coming tomorrow and picked up a glue gun and some sticks. I noticed the Hosts using Ad Tech Pro200 glue gun and purchased that. The glue stick were of the same brand and the Multitemp ones. I did some gluing on my quad to cover up the PCB connections and the glue...
  18. M

    Getting introduced to the hobby.

    I really want to try out RC planes and the speedbuilds offered here seem to fit my taste but without ANY experience Im not quite sure what kind of plane would suit me. I think I would prefer the bank and yank type but I want it to be easy to get started but not dull after a few month of flying...
  19. A

    Rådfrågning på svenska

    Hej! Tänkte att vi Svenskar ju borde kunna ha ett eget forum där vi ställer frågor relaterade till FliteTest och deras produkter. Till att börja med har jag en fråga gällande behandling av skumplasten för att kunna måla. Har ett par flygplan som ska monteras ihop ikväll, men saknar kunskapen...
  20. M

    Flying wing tips needed

    My friend and i are going to design and build our own wing using the swappable concept just to burn some time during summer. We both have basic knowledge and experience with rc flying but we just need a few tips about things that are likely to go wrong and how to fix them. Any tips you can share...