New guy Here, need help


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Hello, FTF.
I've been lurking for a couple of years now and have built the P-51swappable. I'd like to build a Stuka and an FW-190 but I'm having troubles with which plans to work from. I want the same scale as the P-51 but all I can find are the "minis" and I don't want minis. I bought the Flyin' Foam RC FW-190 plans but I'm not sure my skill level
is up to it, especially with no video.
Can somebody help a newb out, please?


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Thank you so much to both of you but I was looking for more of a 40" wingspan.
I really don't want to have to scale any plans but I may have to.
Any help will be appreciated.


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Here is the Stuka sized to 40 inches


  • 13th squadron Stuka- 40 inch wingspan.pdf
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muchas gracias a los dos, estaba buscando con envergaduras de 40 o mas pulgadas ,mis mas cinseras gracias desde chile un abrazo