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New guy, radio problems

Hi all new guy here, I had a disappointing day ☹️ I was due to be taking my very nearly finished, first rc plane, FT Simple Cub for its first flight, but sadly I tried to save a few quid buying second hand radio. I got a Speckrum DX6e, and the guy chucked in a receiver, AR6100. I’ve spent hours trying to bet it to bind. I’ve tried all sorts, taken it out in the garden different ranges etc. A couple of times it briefly said ‘transmitting’ then changed failed to bind. I was looking at them on eBay and noticed dx6e not listed with other controllers on the advert for AR600 receivers. But I read it should be backward compatible to dsm2 receivers but I don’t know for sure. Does anyone have any ideas?

Ah well I’ve ordered a DSMX receiver on eBay so fingers crosses that works.

I’ll be back with more interesting content in the future I’m sure 🤣🤣🤣

Many thanks


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I like the LemonRX DSMX receivers, they are great and not expensive.
Did you get a bind plug with it? If not they are easy to make. Some older receivers need them in to get into bind mode.
Start by looking at the antenna of the receiver you have, make sure it isn’t broken, split or unsoldered. You may have to open the RX case if it has one, so you can see the base of the antenna wire where it solders onto the board.


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It is quite possible that the DX6e is not compatible with DSM2.
In Europe at least DSM2 as a system is no longer allowed to be sold commercially although you can still use it. Any Spektrum Tx made after the earlier DX6i is unlikely to work with a DSM2 'only' Rx.
I too use several Lemon rx.
Thanks guys, yeah I pulled it apart and the arial wires were only held on by a couple of threads. I resoldered them but made no difference.

I too suspect its not compatible, fingers crossed the ebay one shows up and works!