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New GWS props for mQX = Very nice upgrade!


Gremlin on the Wing
Well guys, the folks at GWS have given us a true performance upgrade!

I have only received them days ago, but I can tell you confidently from the testing that I've put them through, they are tough!

They weigh the same as stock but are a slimmer profile, and are excellent for acro, my flips are a lot faster (doubles are a breeze, triples are now doable), the controls are much more crisp, and the throttle is even more responsive!

They have a 4.3" pitch (more aggressive than stock), are 5.4" long (same as stock), and they are available in White, Black, Orange, and Grey.

This is the only source I can find right now. GWS EP5443/EP5443R If anyone knows of other sources please chime in!

On the website they are not advertised as mQX props ( In fact they are specified for direct drive applications, not geared ) but the length was right, and I could see from the photo on the site they looked very similar to the mQX design, so I took a gamble, and boy did it pay off!

Here are some side by side comparison photos against stock props...
Picture 1.png Picture 2.png Picture 3.png Picture 5.png

I even re-installed my 1-cell battery alarm, as it now has enough punch to support the added weight, and still tumble like nobody's business!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Yes but they are in the center where they spin relatively slow, have little effect and there's really no thrust being produced at that point anyway. If you think about it, that's why props have to have such thicker roots and steeper angles, because the center is travelling so slowly and producing almost nothing. Not saying they don't have any effect but I think it's pretty negligible.


Gremlin on the Wing
Well, when you consider GWS have been making props since 1993, you can safely assume they know what there doing.

These props are certainly no exception!