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New Mobius-style Action Cam

Legend Cam.png
Just saw this at GetFPV. Looks just like a Mobius or a Runcam, but this thing can record in 1080p at 60fps! Doesn't cost much more, either. Can also do 720p at 120fps and take 16MP stills. Comes with an A/V out cable.

This camera can also be programmed by plugging one of the ends of the A/V out cable into an auxiliary channel on your R/C receiver. Then you can program the camera to start and stop recording or take a picture at the flick of a switch on your radio!
It's explained very well in this video that I found (starts at 12:45): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMH8VDjg5ug.
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Of course...right after I bought my v3 Mobius wide angle 2 days ago at the Horizon Festival...

Well, time to put it on Craigs! hahaha
I just saw this too. I've been doing a bit of reading on it and it seems like it could be a great option for aerial video/photography. I also saw somewhere that it has remote start/stop which would really save a lot of time editing videos down from a 15 minutes flight. If you can trigger photos, that would really be nice. For stills I've just been setting it to time lapse and aiming the camera for a few seconds. It works, but you end up with hundreds of photos you don't need. I'll definitely be checking out those videos and may have one of these mounted before too long.
Or you can put it up for sale on the FT Forums. If it's still in the original box (or if you saved your receipt :)), you can sell it for a price close to what you paid.
Well, I thought about it...but kinda digging it too much haha Plus, I'm kinda short to put anything on top to get something a tad better...if I had the cash I would, but I just paid for a set of goggles to replace my janky FPV rig I had going :cool:

BTW, isn't there a Mobius Android app you can use to edit stuff on the fly? I would assume it's just a matter of popping the Micro SD card into your phone...or maybe buying a $80 Apple cable. haha
...Or I could literally just take 2 minutes and search the Google Play store...Durr

Yep, I was exactly right. Free in the Play store; Either need an OTG cable or pop in the SD card. I might actually try that out for kicks and see if it's handy or not