New Scout Super Sport!


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The FT Scout is no doubt one of Flite Test's best designed and best flying models. Josh did a great job on this one! If you haven't built a Simple Scout yet you should consider it. They fly great in either the 3 or 4 channel configuration.

Here is my latest Scout Build. Look closely, it really is a Scout!

Scout 1.JPG

I know, it doesn't look a thing like a Simple Scout at first glance but look closely and you will see a Scout. Mostly, I just changed the shape of the vertical stabalizer, elevator and wing slightly. It is just a matter of a quick cut with an Exacto knife. Of course the turtle deck is omitted and a Sig Canopy has been installed in it's place.

scout 4.JPG

All of this is really simple to do and gives the airplane a totally different look. It retains all the great flying qualities of the original.

scout 2.JPG

scout 3.JPG

A few other details about this airplane.

Scratch built from Ross Board. Use Ross Board, FT Foam Board, or Dollar Tree Foam Board. Do NOT use Elmer's Board from Wal-Mart. It is too heavy and will not fly right.

9 grams servos are located aft for improved center of gravity. 5 gram servos used on the ailerons.

The Canopy is an 8 inch Sig canopy glued on with RC 56 Canopy Glue. I ordered mine from Radical RC.

The Blue trim is stick on Vinyl. Orical 651

Power is from a GForce E400 2212-1400 KV turning a 9x3.8 Slow Fly propeller. 30amp ESC. 3 Cell 1300mah battery
I consider this setup ideal. It is zippy without being totally over powered. Just a nice balance.

Takeoff is in about 2 feet. It will climb nearly strait up till it is too small to see comfortably. It loves to make low inverted passes down the field either fast or slow. Can be flown low and slow and is very stall resistant. Fun to shoot takeoffs and landings with.

I really like this little airplane!

Building tip: Use extra heavy wire for the landing gear and beef up the gear mount using epoxy and extra tape. Use extra big wheels.
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That is a great looking build @Winglet!

I am planning to build a simple scout soon, and I want to use some electronics that I already have. Would 5g servos work for all 4 channels?


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I’m building one like you describe now. I’m recently back into flying and I love the Scout! Flying the 3 channel version now and it’s just so easy to fly. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration. Doing a “scratch-build” from the tiled plans. Yours looks great!