New to Flite Fest, have some questions


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Hello! I'm very much looking forward to going to Flite Fest this year for the first time. My wife and I are going to be camping and we can't wait! We understand that the sites are primitive and don't offer water. Is there a good place to get water at the festival?


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Flite Fest is on the north edge of Malvern, it's about 4-5 blocks from downtown. There is not a lot in Malvern, I usually go to Minerva for supplies, about 6 miles to the east. They will have 15-20 food vendors and 50+ hobby vendors at FF


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Wow.. what Flite Fest was that at? I know I had stroke brain from the heat last year but those numbers are a tad.... inflated by my memory.

Bring dry and canned goods with you and pick up cold or fast perishable items locally. Unless you are rolling up in a full size mobile home and have cold storage for the road.

Plan your route in to go thru Minerva and do your first round of shopping before you get there.

Once FF gets rolling going out n coming back can be a challenge specially if the weather is anything like swampfest 2017.

Nights can be cold n damp for camping so plan accoedingly for bedding. More so if tent camping.

Lastly bring some kind of portable shade. Its an open field and is a must have mid july.


There is a gas station 1/2 mile walk from event center, and usually 5-6 food vendors and around 10 hobby store vendors (not counting exhibitors that don't sell stuff such as hitec)

If possible, my advice is to load up a large cooler with frozen water bottles/jugs and use that to keep your stuff cold and take one out every day for drinking. That lasted me all event last year. One year a hobby vendor was giving out free water pocuches and giving free ice water refills - that was nice!

I think there may have been $1 water and $2+ Gatorade at the show.


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The home made professional shaken lemonade is my favorite. Very refreshing.

Yeah, I really hope that vendor is back this year!! :D There was also an ice vendor one year that was very nice, but don't count on that.

I usually bring a 24 pack of bottled water, dry snacks that don't need refrigeration (crackers, oatmeal bars, etc), and some adult beverages in a cooler with ice. I share the adult beverages the first night while the ice is still cool (or give them to people who have ice later), join the volunteer squad for pancake breakfasts, and eat off the vendors the rest of the trip. But I hate cooking and refuse to buy proper camping gear! :D


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We ate good last year in our camp. Actually had people stop and ask if we were professional chefs.

Gas camp stove and two single burner propane set ups, pile o pots n pans.

Actually had to ride the golf carts up to the hangar to do dishes.

Had Litterbug over for dinner one evening and Foamydm another.

Wont happen this year though. :cry: