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New to forums... New video I'd like to share


hello flitetest forums!

just doing what it says, posting my hello on here, and if I can figure it out, I'll post a couple FPV videos that I've made in the last year or so. I recently got runcam 2 and since the videos are looking a lot nicer! Now I have to learn video editing. .lol! Anyways fast forward rewind whatever but this has been tons of fun. Thanks for looking!
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Hey thanks! Wow i didn't expect such a quick response, or a response at all lol! Here's a long video but it's gotta be my favorite!

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I do NOT like the ground
that is a AMAZING vid!!

i love the thrill of flying through trees!

that is also a nice flying space you've got!!

what type of wing is it??
I fly the FT Mini Arrow... its great and so frickin easy to make.... I highly recommend it!

OR Make sure to watch this video! I climb really high and DIVE HUGE!

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Thanks for the welcome... I can't agree more, bombing through the trees is tons of Fun! I really like that thrill of close proximity flying!!
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Hey PsyBorg pretty sweet videos on your channel as well! Really like your track setup! I've really gotta get my 5" Space One frame flying!
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Names Rob... 34 with 2 kiddos.. Really enjoy the DTFB builds, really fun way to build and fly cheaply, especially when flying circles gets a little bit boring. Albeit, I'm still honing my skills for some scale aircraft in the future. I believe some of those are beautiful and almost to nice to fly. anyways that's a little about me...thanks for stopping and checking out some of videos. a couple have even given me a sub. Really appreciated from over here!
Here's a maiden of my Space ONE frame 210 2205 2350kv running 5x4.5x3 props. From earlier today, Weather mans calling for 1 to 3 in snow here so... anyways, went better than I expected actually. despite the video show a careless mess up that ended costing me some money..i actually think i might be able to get this in less time than i thought. but again, fun fun fun!!! haha..

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Quads good! Landed it and checked out my camera. From what I see once I get the whole lens module it's pretty straight forward as far as making the repair. So whenever it comes in I'll get it back on. Although, I just recently bought the Runcam2 it looks like the runcam3 wld be a better fit for my needs. Of course when it comes out...lol! I'd like some new batteries and we'll 100 bucks can at least get a few of them vs a camera so. I'll likely suck it up for a while..lol!