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New UK Discord Chat Channel


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I have set up a Discord channel for any UK based flyers who might want to instant message/chat about flying related topics. I have done this for other communities and we found it helped grow them and enabled people to get together to work on ideas and participate more than just forum posts.
You need to install Discord then message me for a joining link, ideally I think age 16+ is better for child protection, since it’s not a fully public space so if you are under 16, sorry.
Non UK based flyers are welcome too, but time zones may mean there’s gaps in moderator coverage or it’s quiet when you are active.
Basic rules are-
  • Don’t be a dick. Always rule one IMO, so if internet drama is your goal, this will not be a place for you.
  • You must be over 16 to be in the Discord.
  • No politics or religion in any of the channels please. Friendship and flying is what it’s about
  • Discrimination or harassment for any reason will not be tolerated, see rule 1 above!
  • Breach of etiquette will result in a warning. Failure to heed the warning will result in a kick (short ban) continued malice will result in the banhammer.
  • Whilst I will try my best to moderate when I can I am not a 24hr bot, so if a post causes anyone a problem please message me and I will get on it when I can.
  • Any help or advice before we go live welcome.


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I have decided to revisit this idea. Several new UK people have joined this month already, it’s time to organise a meet up I reckon. Nothing fancy, just a chance for people to say hi and maybe fly.
Here’s the link for the Discord. You need the Discord app installed on your phone tablet whatever. Note that this is a partially moderated chat channel aimed at over 16’s. The link will be up for a few weeks, then if people are using it we can see about how everyone wants access to be controlled or not.
I will do my best to apply FT forum rules and etiquette on theDiscord channel as well, but it has no official connection to FT.
If you are outside the UK feel free to join, the whole FT family is welcome.



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Just a reminder that this channel is still open, for those of you who don’t know about Discord it’s a gaming chat and messaging app, it’s simple to use and very safe. It’s very handy for quick questions or random chatter, as well as for setting up local meets and finding out more about community members skills and projects.
I think it would be great for the small UK FT community to come together both on this forum and through other platforms like Discord to see if a few of can get a meet up organised and we can all help other UK folk navigate finding the parts needed for builds.
I have registered with discord, but not being a PC magician and having no mobile phone I'm not sure it's right for me. I don't see how to use it!
And there is nobody else in my area.


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It’s only a few people so far, we are trying to make it bigger. Flite Test is predominately an American forum, many UK fliers don’t use it. I am hoping we can try and set up a little UK meet up.
I'm on the Model Flying forum, but they seem very stuffy. Always trying to score points off each other. A lot of rule lovers. Not my scene! I still see a lot of anti-feeling against the use of foam for scratchbuilding, even though the RTF stuff is nearly all moulded, printed foam. Problem with a meet-up is finding a place that can gather the most people and be usable as it would have to be a club field somewhere.


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I'm on the Model Flying forum, but they seem very stuffy. Always trying to score points off each other. A lot of rule lovers. Not my scene! I still see a lot of anti-feeling against the use of foam for scratchbuilding, even though the RTF stuff is nearly all moulded, printed foam. Problem with a meet-up is finding a place that can gather the most people and be usable as it would have to be a club field somewhere.
I initially encountered such resistance to foamboard planes at my RC club, now I'm getting other flyers asking me to make them planes!!! The Bloody Wonder V3 I made as a present for a friend there (as thanks for all the help he gave me at the beginning) was the subject of a 'hand the transmitter round' session as one after another of the flyers there wanted to have a go :)


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You don’t have to be a club field to fly a few foam planes with friends. I would aim for an informal meet on private land where everyone flies at their own risk. Otherwise we are better off meeting at organised shows.
I am a non safety critical rule ignorer. Stuff like not flying over the flight line, respecting other pilots and keeping decent separation etc is sensible. Registration and associated BS is there to be ignored. If a club field is the only place locally you can fly then you might have to put up with a few pedants but there’s a few sub 250g foamboard designs that you can fly anywhere and if you find a quiet spot away from people and fly sensibly you are very unlikely to get busted by the DoT when the dumb regulations start in October.
Local “serious” hobbyists have always been quite interested in my FB planes. There’s two BMFA clubs within driving distance. My problem is I am a miserable anti social git!
Exactly. I took to foam construction as I don't much like the inconsistencies of balsa wood. My Skystreak has a balsa leading and trailing edge and the cockpit cowling is planked balsa because it's easier to rub down than foam. Coupla coats of sanding sealer later and it looks good. But the main fuz. and wing structures are all foam, as is the tailplane. Fin is balsa because I already had it. I use what suits mainly. Made my own patterns for the cockpit canopy and nose cowlings and my chum will vac-form the nose one on his vac-former. My son made the cockpit one on his home made vac former. But the Skystreak is for when I can fly. First "tester" flight lined up for tomorrow if this damned wind dies down a bit. I have a glider from the Range which my sone 3D printed a power pod for. I have added tail feathers to that. It should be my own trainer.

Good luck with this forum.

BTW I got my foam board from SLEC who have a lot of it. Depron with no paper on it. 6, 3 and 2mm white.

Well, yes, if you can find a private field somewhere, OK. Good luck with that though! I can think of several round here, being largely rural, but whether they would welcome several people at once I'm not sure. I keep being told I should build big, but if all this registration crap comes in, we smaller plane builders will be less likely to be hounded. My local club is already making noises that 35 meg can't be used any more because it doesn't have failsafes. These stupid rules are always proposed by the old farts who never fly anyway. When I was a kid people flew on Shenfield Common just outside Romford. No club, no insurance, just chuck a Bang bang rudder only with a Pee Wee on the front screaming its nuts off and fly till the fuel ran out hoping the rubber stayed wound up for the escapement. Then he got a 10 channel (modern 5 function) Orbit tone set and threw a Taurus around in the international aerobatic schedule for 10 minutes). Now there's probably a newt colony there and nobody can even stand there.
I too am an anti social sod, but need help getting started, so will pay my subs tomorrow (getting half price as it's July already) and get one of them to teach me. Half the members are very friendly. The other half are committee members. Say no more.

Next year? We'll have to see.



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I was just talking to a guy from our local club. He was very friendly, but I have a field already and subs are £80.
Let us know how you get on with the taster session?
If this wind doesn't drop I doubt if the old chap will take me up. But, as one of the members said yesterday, this Norfolk, it's always windy. Just a shame it's not the sort of terrain where you can lob a foamy off a cliff! 20 miles away at Hunstanton, yes, but round here the highest thing is a dyke wall, maybe all of 8 feet!

Sth. Devon I see. I used to live in North Tawton, slap bang in the middle. Setting for BBC's Jam and Jerusalem. Nearest club was Winkleigh airfield. Guy who ran the caravan site there also had a model shop and gave model flying lessons.