New Versa wing Issue

Brian Law

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So I got one of the newer brown Versa Wing Speed build kits. About a year ago and just now starting to build. However, the Wing top and bottom portions do not match what is on the old build videos. There is a score in Both halves dividing each top and bottom portion of the wing halves in half. I get what to do with the bottom portion, glue and tape that score, but the top half? Tape? Anoyone got some insight, I would like to know if we are supposed to glue and tape the top portion of each wing half where that score goes across down the middle?
Any advice / pictures would be most appreciated


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I'm guessing you're supposed to glue and tape the top wing like you would for the bottom. Does the score in the wing match up with the score used to fold the laser cut sheets in half?

Brian Law

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Yes the score matches. They did this different than the video shows, but it messes with the steps to build. Have to put a bevel in top portion of wing for aileron, before putting tape on shipping score. otherwise it would be a bear to slice the bevel in. and then there is the step to add glue to the scores making up the curve of the top portion. Wish they had updated the video for the new way they designed the speed build kit.

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Sorry, but I don't completely get your question. If you can post a picture of your versa and the part that doesn't match up with the build video, I can try to help or show some pictures from my versa.


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Not sure but it sounds like you have the wing upside down, the elevons should be part of the top of the wing. and the bottom stops short of where the elevons hinge.