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Help Me get my Combat Fix

Howdy all, been flying for 20 years, but first time posting here.

Let me just say that I love the Flite Fest/Test community, I've been to big AMA R/C events like Joe Nall etc, but I never had as much fun as I did at Flite Fest. The creativity, the immediacy, the positivity , the willingness to help each other, that goes in to all the planes ya'll build. I love the foam board/hot glue lipo, brushless esc airplane combo. It is so fast and easy to build! let alone paint, I love painting the heck out of my flitefest syle planes. I've made several scratch built, I plan on sharing on here in time. I've been to Flite Fest 2 times, Flight Fest South 1 time.
I love the chaos and just wrap it up in packing tape and "FULL SEND" nature of it all. I'm in Central Florida, would love to fly combat either ribbon cutting or demolition derby style.
mig21 prof.jpg



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I am in the Panhandle... (which still probably puts me to far away, I know it would have to be a weekend trip for me to go that way). Ribbon combat does sound interesting.


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Welcome to the forums.
I was able to fly with the club in Ocala for a few days this winter, a great group to fly with.
No problemo, The BF-109 next to the foam spitfire in the picture was sort of hand drawn and hand cut. I used a small LCD projector and traced a 3 view plan onto the sheets of waterproof adams board, then worked some extra space and folded over the wing and fanagled a fuselage together. It was an absolute blast to paint. I used cheap ACE hardware enamel spray paint, and printed the decals at kinkos on 8X11 sticker paper. The next version I get around to making I will try to document and share some CAD drawings on here as a resource.