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NEWBIE jumping into 4 Channel Heli

Hello, i ive been a fan of flitetest since their 10th video and i liked them ever since
I am into mechanics and computers a lot but RC has been consuming my mind a lot
So its my birthday this Sunday and i am turning 16 and my sister is giving me a budget
of £50, not sure what that is in dollars.
I looked a lot and i cant find anything awesome but this does seem nice.

So i need your opinion or suggestions of what will be good for me,
i had a go on 3ch Apache heli and i found that easy and fun.
Well i got a sim on my phone and i tried clear view and i am seem to be managing well
And please not i am using the keyboard and my phone use accelerometer for the ailerons


Rotor Riot!
As long as you learn the orientation thing, you'll be okay. But if you have a transmitter to practice on a sim it's better, cause your thumbs learn the moves.
I see what you mean, i spent hours training myself on that orientation, even upside down xD
But its just so happens that HK has the same Heli for half the price, but postage is a bit of a pain
Before $62.65 inc tax,postage
Now $53.99 inc tax, postage
Also the uk one gets here in about 2 days
The HK may take weeks as the heli is in back order and it takes a while to get here