Night Flyers


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How about an episode on night flyers. You can set up one of your planes with lights, and then fly it along with an array of commercially available options.

I remember them talking about how to set up lights for your planes a few years ago, on one of their early Vlogs; I'd love to see them do more and have a couple night fly vids as well, though. :)

My RC club is actually doing a Heli Fun Fly this weekend, and they have guys come out from Align and hold a clinic; those guys bring out some absolutely incredible helicopters that get lit up and do some absolutely incredible flying with helicopters that just shouldn't be possible. LOL If it doesn't rain tomorrow night, I may go to the field from work and see if I can get some video! :)


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I would be interested in an episode showing currently available components to retrofit a model for night flying. I couldn't find a discussion on this forum yet that summarizes this topic.