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Nodd RC - Hobby King Skipper

I've had this little float plane for about a week now, having a lot of fun with it. It also caused somewhat of a buzz with my club mates. Several of them have ordered these after watching me fly. Anyway here's my review video, enjoy...

Thanks guys. Yeah I've been thinking of hanging out here at FliteTest. Lots of cool DIY stuff going on, that's right up my ally. Looking forward to hanging out. More videos & stuff to come.


Senior Member
Awesome video, I was eyeing that plane up when they first put it up on HK. Looks like great fun. Really digging the paint scheme you went with as well on it.
What was the per-yard weight of the fiberglass and carbon fiber you used?

Did you consider water-based polyurethane? Many people use it to toughen foam easily and cheaply.

Also, white/construction glue is PVA, not PLA.
Thanks guys.

The fiber-glass cloth was 2oz. I'm not sure about the carbon-fiber, that's a really thick weave. A buddy of mine found the CF on ebay, was labeled as "aerospace scraps". There's certainly thinner CF cloth available but that's what I had so used that.

I've played around with Minwax Polycrylic as an alternative to epoxy resin although I wasn't super impressed with the results. Its far superior to bare foam but when used on my foamboard airboat for example, the hull got dinged up pretty fast.

I'd like to experiment with other options including polyurethane. I'd also like to revisit PVA glue (thanks for the correction). For example I have some yellow wood-working glue that drys super hard, maybe that stuff is closer to whatever Foam Armor is made from? *shrug*

Anyway I'm pretty happy with the CF reinforcements even if that's kinda over-kill. I'll be happy its on there though when the snow/ice comes.