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float plane

  1. E

    Scratch built Scale Icon-A5

    Localfiend inspired me to build a build a sea plane with his PBY-5A Catalina design (http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?25375-Mighty-quot-Mini-quot-PBY-5A-Catalina-WWII-Flying-Boat). I considered a Sea Scout or a Bavar-2, but I have always wanted an Icon-A5, so it was an obvious decision...
  2. L

    Bushwhacker Float Plane (with waterproof foam board)

    Make a Bushwhacker with the new waterproof foam board and put floats on it. Better yet, sell a laser cut kit for the waterproof Bushwhacker with the parts to build the floats. I would buy one. Can I order one now? Since it might be a bit 'til the waterproof board is readily available to the...
  3. T-Richard

    Need Ideas For Float build.

    Hi guys, I need ideas. Like many of you I have lots of planes and so I decided I'll focus on recycling this year. I want to build an aerobatic float plane. I have these I hope to integrate within turnigy 3015 1000kv motor either on 3s (up to 12 inch prop) or 4s (likely 10 inch prop)...
  4. J

    Super Cub: Mounting Cheap 720 HD Cam???

    I have a 720 HD Camera made for RC planes... its about the size of a baby carrot or so. It isn't waterproof or high quality but it does the job. Anyway, I want to mount it to my super cub when I fly with floats (I only really fly the Super Cub at the lake and leave the floats on all the time)...
  5. Nodd

    Nodd RC - Hobby King Skipper

    I've had this little float plane for about a week now, having a lot of fun with it. It also caused somewhat of a buzz with my club mates. Several of them have ordered these after watching me fly. Anyway here's my review video, enjoy...