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Noob Looking for a good under 75 dollar usb transmitter to learn on.


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Hey, guys, I'm new to RC flight and want to get an USB transmitter so I can learn multi rotor for fun. What USB transmitters are relatively cheap under 75 (maybe 100 dollars) that a guy can pick up and learn on. I was hoping to get alot of time in on simulators. Thanks in advance.
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I would save up and spend the 110 dollars and get the Taranis Qx7 and kill two birds with one stone. You would be getting a real TX unit that is upscale-able and well made. Then you would be flying sims on a radio you would use in the field for many many years. That is one of the single biggest investments in the hobby to not skimp out on.

Welcome to Flite test btw. Do you have any experience at all in the RC hobbies?


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And fourth confirmation for the Q-X7 - you'll be a very happy flyer with that radio, and it works great with simulators too. Less money spent in the long run.

The way I like to look at spending decisions in the hobby is spend as much as you can afford on the things that stay safely on the ground with you - specifically transmitter, FPV goggles, and battery charger. Be more frugal with things that go in the air, cause they get wrecked a whole lot more. :black_eyed:


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Hello Indy,
I can't offer much for multirotor advice except when I want advice in that area, the guys who've already responded are people I trust.

Would you introduce yourself though with some basic info?

Welcome to the forum.
For what it is worth, I went from one of the standard beginner transmitters to the Taranis QX7. I have not been happier with any of my RC purchases to date. You will not regret the QX7.


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I agree with everyone above, save u $$ and gt the qx7. I wish it woulda been out before I got mine...

BUT, since no one else gave any other ideas, I use the Flysky fs-i6x and haven't had a single issue. 10 channels, 2km range, trainer port that u can hook up to flight sims, cable sold separately, and it's only $50 shipped. Most come with a ppm RX which ud need for ur quad. And, if u wana upgrade soon after, I see they sell used on eBay for like 30-40. I'd say it's #2 for best bang for your buck just under the qx7.
So first thing, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has responded. I'll have to do my research on the QX7 and the FS-I6X but I am leaning towards saving up for the QX7.

As far as an intro I'm Dan just go by indy on the interwebs, I am a photographer based out of Baltimore, looking to get into the hobby, for my personal photo work and general fun. Since MD has some super weird rules on Multi-rotors and professional use. (I know this from a fellow photographer friend of mine).

Thanks again for all the advice guys.


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Are you wanting to get into aerial photography? If so, there are some cheapish options out there, as the tech advances, the top notch stuff from a year ago is super cheap. Phantom 3's are only $500 and if u have a smaller budget, Xiro Xplorer V's are $329 which is a REALLY GOOD knock off of the phantom line. I may get into real estate photography soon and my eyes are set on the Xiro Xplorer V. Look up some reviews on it, the RC Saylors have like 10 videos on YouTube about the Xiro and they love it.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy this hobby. Just be careful, itll suck you in like it did me. Lol