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Noobie shows...

Just an idea, how about a series of shows for the complete noobiee... Taking it from buying a bare bones kit, bixler 2 or such like and selecting the right motor, rx/tx gear, servo etc etc..

Being in the noobie class myself, well that's not entirely true, I've just been out of the RC world for about 15 years and hopefully soon to be trying my hand at flying..

One question I am stuck on at the moment, is transmitter choice... looking at bixler 2 but the choice of handsets is a bit befuddeling... Looking for something basic and cheap oh and available off the shelf in the UK... Any thoughts would be much appreciated..

Cheers in advance


Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
The build videos take you from bare bones all the way to finished plane, you just have to watch a few. As far as motors and things go, it's such a hard topic to understand that making a single video on the topic really isn't feasible. Getting that much information out in a way everyone can understand would be difficult at best. There are tons of useful threads on the forums though that we've all helped out in. I would try a search for those first. Transmitters are a very personal choice. There's not a best tx out there. Some will argue that but there's reasons that any tx doesn't work for someone. You first have to decide what your requirements are. Cheap and easy is easy but will it work for you in 3 months? Are you going to want a better plane in two weeks? Are you going to be happy flying a nut ball for 5 years? Let us know what you want to do now and what you think you'd like to be doing in a year and we can help point you in a direction that will fit those needs. Same with motors etc, let us know what you need and we can tell you what we think will work and give you reasons why.
I'd echo all that Ak Flyer has said about the possible diversity in where you want to go and how you want to jump into/back into the hobby.

I'm a noobie as well (shooting for first maiden this weekend) and I've been keeping notes on where I'm going and why. I'm going to try and collate it all into an article once I get my first few flights under my belt.

I was going to start out with an inexpensive (~$25+shipping) 4 channel radio setup knowing that I would want to upgrade later. I want to build/fly a tri-copter. After weighing the pros/cons I decided to make a bigger initial investment ($64+shipping) in a 6 channel radio.

The rest of my ongoing notes are over in my blog.
Thanks for the great reply...

In response, as its going to be my first aircraft, I was wanting something to crash with as no doubt I will.... We have a small holding so Ive plenty of space round here and very few trees. As to what I am wanting to do, well a lot of learning first off, then looking to probably put a camera on just to film the flights then when funds allow look at moving on into the world of FPV but that wont be at least for a year or so... Hence whilst doing my own research and watching a lot of reviews I thought the Blixer2 ticked most of the boxes....

Cheer Dave


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Bixler is a great learning plane for sure. It would take some doing, but there's a lot of "noobie shows" already filmed. You just have to sort through all of the other Flite Test episodes to find them.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I don't think you can go wrong buying at least a six channel radio. I'm not saying you'll ever need that many channels, but having the better radio comes with better programming too. It also allows you to split functions to different channels for different mixing. Something like a DX6i, the Hobbyking version of it, the 9X, 9XR, Hitec radios etc. all have much better functions that you can grow into than the cheapo radios we all want to start with.