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Noth Jersey, United States. 50cc plane giveaway.


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Hello FliteTest!

I have a 50cc Ultimate biplane that needs a new home. This offer is for pickup only.

I got the plane from a friend and we had about 10 flights on it. Despite being 17.5 pounds the plane flew amazingly well. It loved to 3D and would not spin even if you tried. There was a problem with the ignition on the last flight and the rough landing caused minor damage. The landing gear plate was ripped out cleanly, the firewall was knocked off cleanly, and the lower left wing has some damage but is still in one piece.

Here are some pictures my father took. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to answer them tonight!
Edit: my phone won't let me paste the link. I'll add that later.

Thank you for looking
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