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Novice radio user question

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
OK I need help here, the four planes I have are all RTF so radios have always come supplied
I now have the turnigy 9x and receiver...so does the rx have its own power supply or does it get power from
the esc


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Not only for nitros. (I have a nitro car and I have a simple 5 cell NiMh battery to power the receiver)

But you also very often have a "humppack" (5cells NiMh) to power the receiver on its own and then deactivate the integrated BEC of the ESC so that the full amount of power is directly delivered to the motors or whatever they are used for.


Flying Derp
Normally that is done on larger models that use more than four servos and where redundancy is critical because of the expense of said model/equipment.