OfficeWorks-Ready Full size Print Files (For Australians)


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Found some foam board at "Choice" store here in Qld...........

A2 size sheet 5mm thick, ( 420mm x 594mm ) paper each side for $4.00 a sheet.
Ones I bought were white but there is also black.
Size ok for the smaller plans I guess.
Still going to order the larger sheets from the States though.
That's not too bad, I'd probably buy there if I were a local. Its probably a bit heavier (the Stuff from riot arts and crafts for was) but also probably more durable as well. Ft foam is a dream to cut and work with though.


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Think's for modifying these plans Duck! made life much easier than trying to print in a4 and stick it all together. I put together a Tiny Trainer and it flys great! would you be able to do the mini spitfire plans? encase any other aussies want to get into the hobby below is what i have learnt.

I used office works a1 5mm foam board, it is relatively heavy and the foam is dense which can make cutting angles into the foam for the folding over the wings and for control surfaces difficult but it is definitely do able. i bought 3 sheets and used 1 and a half for my build

With the plans i printed i roughly cut them out and used low tack tape (same as painters use, paper like in feel) lightly applied to hold it to the board. I then used a pin to poke holes through the paper to mark the key points, I poke all the way through on a black line and just pierced the top layer of paper on red lines.

Once i have done that i connect the dots with a ruler and black/red pen, then cut out with a box cutter. With the board from office works the sections that have to be picked out are far harder to do so then it appears to be with the american stuff in the ft build video, it usually take a bit of force to get it out with your nail, it will break free before the paper rips though.

I bought a cheap glue gun and sticks for <$10 at a 2 dollar shop, while it got the job done i would recommend something with a bit more power as on larger glue runs such as the wing on the tiny trainer it started to run out of heat. after a few... hard landings my wing has started to separate which i don't think would have happened if i could have got more glue down.

i bought through amazon but comparable stuff can be had on banggood as well, i was not willing to wait that long for the postage though.
I got a flysky fs-16x with receiver
a combo pack of a motor and esc (2200KV Brushless Motor 2212-6 + 30A ESC)
4 pack of 9gram servos
a 3s 1000mah battery giving approx 7-10 mins of flight, just get something with a connector to fit your esc, seems deans is very popular on the cheap end of things.
i used 18 gauge floristry wire from spotlight for control linkages, was good to work with just put a decent u bend in it for adjustment.
standard bbq skewers from coles/woolies
rubber bands for the wing from office works, you will want plenty of these after just a few flights mine were looking worn and had to be replaced.
I got lucky with a charger and got a second hand on for cheap, 2s and 3s balance chargers look to go for around $30.

Some other points
Stick to a small battery, i bought some 3s 2200mah ones when i ordered everything else there is no way i could make it fit in the tiny trainer. 7 mins of flight time sounds short but it is heaps of time when you are just starting out.
A 2s battery with the same setup as what i have may be a good idea, with my current setup the tiny trainer rockets along (can climb vertical) and as a beginner it is probably too fast.
Buy extra props, the ones that came with my combo motor were not very good i have a slow fly apc brand prop which is way more durable and works perfectly on the prop saver that came with my kit.
Do a good preflight check before maiden, my elevator was reversed on my maiden so it was a very short flight and i had to rebuild the power pod.
You will damage your plane so having a spare sheet of foam board is advisable, i have mainly had issues with skewer holes coming loose due to the hard landings, this seems to be a good way to fix them up.
If you can have someone else help you out for the maiden i would recommend it, with the tiny trainer it was good to be in control and have someone else to launch. if you are alone, throttle 50% - 70% use one hand to launch and the other to give a little bit of elevator worked well for me.
Try and maiden in as large of an area as possible, i found a footy oval to be too small for my tiny trainer as configured above, a 2s again would probably help with this but i don't yet have one to test with.

Best of luck to anyone that gives it a go!


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Good info rollerbot.

My 2 bits is I have built 3 planes with the heavier quill A1 5mm foamboard from officeworks and all was good. Then I bought a box of 5 sheets of cheaper $9 per sheet stuff from officeworks. No good, the paper is very thin and tears when you try and get the foam out of fold slots. Went back to the $15 per sheet quill. Much better and worth the additional cost.

Yep get a big hotglue gun! Have a dewalt one that works great

These planes are made from quill (stik is coloured quill, rest are painted from white)