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OfficeWorks-Ready Full size Print Files (For Australians)


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First Post here, HI! so i live in Australia and just started this hobby. apart from the expensive foam, i have also found it hard to find a cheap custom printing place to get the full size plans printed at .I finally had my first Crash-free flight today with my mini sparrow (yay!!). Anyway after all the help this forum has given me i thought id give something back to celebrate this historic occasion. I Decided to get my plans printed at Officeworks to save myself some time, but Officeworks does not support custom size prints (only A ands B sizes). The only size print that would comfortably fit the FT plans was the B1 size (1000mm x 707mm). The files need to be exactly those dimensions in order to upload them, so i opened a plan in photoshop and added the remaining area around the plans so that they would fit. long story short, i went and converted Almost EVERY plane in the FT Collection. A b1 size print costs about $3.50 (B&W, 80gsm) and the mini plans usually use 2 -3 pages and the standard plans use anyware from 4-9 pages so it will cost a bit but it saves so much time that i think its worth the money. NOTE: The Tiny trainer plan was the older version (Taller and wider than the new ones) so i just joined all the tiles up and split it into an A0 size Print and an A2 size print (to save you some $$)

Disclaimer, i havent tested EVERY plan but i ordered 4 of them and the scale is dead on and they all were the same size. Definitely Check that i didn't miss a page (it got pretty repetitive so could have slipped up)

Also shipping to regional areas costs $25 per order if in-store pickup isn't an option so get as many plans done in one order to make it worthwhile :)

LINK https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HEGyjyAaQNMOjv-E3CLmGPUE4Su75c5S?usp=sharing

Anyway apologies for Rambling, if anyone needs a plan i havent done please let me know and i'll happily help you out or if the link doesnt work/isnt allowed on this forum. Cheers

IMPORTANT: all plans except tiny trainer are for B1 size prints.

PS: i probably could have made the pdfs smaller (compressed) but i was too scared to risk it haha Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 9.01.47 pm.jpg
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