Oops, crashed into the ocean! (a fjord technically...)


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Oh yea, I was in a similar situation once while boating down some little rapids, we got wedged in the rocks ... everything in the boat got washed out down the river. Haha
Finally found the pics from that trip. Just so you have an idea of the water temperature LOL:

This is my other 'Yak. 18'er (5.5 meters). it floats better when full of water, and I have skirts for it so that is less likely to happen.


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I do a LOT of cycling, and one of these days I am going to throw a quad or small plane in my saddlebag (ok large trunk) and get some footage along the way. Keep thinking I should build a helipad for the big yak too to do similar. Really ought to get my Part 107 and kick it up a notch on my channel like it sounds like you are doing.

Oh yea, that looks brutal cold! Can’t imagine being soaked, freezing and knowing the trip is still long ahead...

Bringing a quad/pane kayaking sounds like a perfect idea. I can’t wait to bring the planes and quads hiking to remote places this spring and try to get some neat footage.

What’s your channel?
Nice just checked out both your channels, fun stuff so far!
I’ll be posting some FPV drone adventures soon. Just completed some successful range tests 1.7km (1 mile) over the forest and also summited the mountain behind our property! Didn’t want to risk the GoPro on these tests, but next time I should capture some great footage. Stay tuned!