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I'm having a lot of difficulty with my slender delta scratch build, and I've received much help that I am truly grateful , and a couple others have deiced to try to build and test the design as well, which is awesome. On the other hand, its going to be a real challenge to get it to fly, and it is a particularly difficult type of scratch build to start with as a beginner. I'm looking at some other options on the side, more of a backup plan, if the slender delta isn't going to be feasible.

The first option I'm exploring is a simple tandem wing plane using my A power pack. Something like this would be perfect.

I have no experience building wings with airfoils, but I could probably figure it out. I'd like to keep it easy though, if I could, and perhaps just put a slight dihedral in the wings or leave them flat. I'll update if I attempt to build something like this, but in the mean time if anyone has experience with tandem planes or could tell me how easy or difficult something like this would be, feel free to share.
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