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Oversized premium foam board source

If you ever have the need for really big pieces of premium foam core you can get it from Michael's craft stores. However you won't find it on the store shelves. They use it in the custom framing department. If you ask someone at the framing desk they should be able to sell it to you.

And when I say big I mean BIG. These are 40 inches by 60 inches!

You can get white or black and the black has black foam, it isn't just black paper on white foam.

Also, this is a much higher quality than the Adams brand that dollar stores carry. The paper that covers both sides is at least twice as thick and the foam itself seems much more dense and stronger.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Planning on building that 2 meter nutball, are we?

Thanks for the tip!

BTW, how much does the sheet run?


New member
yeah, i'd be curious to know too. if you cut it to the same size as adams foamboard, whats the weight. also i wonder if you could do a strength compatison, cut a strip of adams and this framing board, secure it to your desk so its overhanding the edge and slowly add weights to it until it breaks, i'd be keen to see how much stronger this is, and if its worth the penalty in weight.

Also how much did this cost you?

good find by the way :)


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How thick is that foam? Is it pretty heavy?
It is the same foam that you can get from HobbyLobby. I havent weighed it officially but it is much heavier than the Adams foamboard. The paper is much thicker. However if you peel the paper off the foam is denser and stiffer that the regular foamboard. Snaps like Depron.