P51-D Mustang


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Helllllooooo WORLD!

I was inspired by your video on the Spitfire you printed from 3DLabPrint.com
I decided to print and fly the P51-D Mustang, but ran into issues sourcing the motor they called for.

I made this "thing" to mount a current production Tarot motor to the stock frame of the plane.

Would love to see it printed and flying on someone else's plane as well!
One day, when my own website is finished Ill report back with the full build log and demonstrations of my new plane!

Thanks for inspiring me to fly team flitetest! I'd have never left earth without yah!


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I'll be watching as I'm a HUGE Mustang fan.
I'm especially interested on your thoughts of the 3DLabPrint plane and how it flies.
(I've got the PT-17 but between printer builds/updates.)


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So I ran into issues with Cura, where it either had my printer or could use their profile definitions but neither at the same time.

I followed youtube videos on how to enter the settings yourself, but the prints kept coming out as garbage and I would say "unworthy of flight"

I finally bit the bullet and bought S3D for 150$, which kinda ruined my "under 200" goal.
That being said, the prints came out gorgeous from there!
I used PLA+ to get some better structure and rigidity in the fuselage.

The parts hold together so well, and so far she has flown like a champ.

I think the best route for printing a 3dlabprints is to print the plane twice.
The first time, build it as a chucker and dont put any electronics in. This will help you get cleaning and tolerance's tight.

The biggest take-away for a 3dlabprint plane is the size to cost.
I have a 1/12 scale plane now, that can do 70 Mph, and i spent 180 on filament, and control systems.
If that scale doesnt sink in, the wingspan is 3 foot. I literally MUST turn the plane on its side to carry through doors.
There is a pin to remove the wings for transport and electronics access.
Without this feature I'd say shes to big for normal transportation.

As a novice, I cant speak to how the plane handles vs a commercially extruded body, but I can tell you that the flights I've done were clean and smooth and a great experience.

I am currently working on adding a FPV camera to the cockpit of the plane to do some cool First person Flight on a fixed wing!
(drone racing fatshark setup)