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PAL vs NTSC for FPV Racing


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I hate to start another PAL vs NTSC debate, but this is mainly limited to fpv racing. I get that PAL and NTSC is like Europe vs US standards, but with current FPV equipment compatibility with both is now common.

So if you're flying fast and reacting quickly, what format is best? It looks like PAL gives slightly better quality, but it has a lower frame rate (25). Does anyone think a lower frame rate (5fps less) will causes problems when performing fast maneuvers. Kinda like playing a video game with low FPS? That's my main concern with PAL.

NTSC has slightly lower resolution and higher FPS (30). I have two NTSC cameras and have nothing special to say about the format.

Let me know what you guys, especially those who fly fast, what you think. I'm shopping for a new FPV cam and trying to educate myself on what to get. Thanks .


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Well being a gamer I know that 29 fps is where the eye stops seeing skips and is the minimum standard for video games. Movies on film are shot in 24 frames per second that is why you can easily tell when CGI kicks in and film is out. The thing with FPV is you want as little a delay in seeing things as possible so a lower FPS will mean less information to see but also less to stream to the receiver thus cutting time before you can see it.

Looking at the comparison you gave they should be about the same. One has higher resolution (more information) and lower frame rate (number of pictures sent) where the other has less resolution but higher frame rate. I guess the real determining factor is how much information is being sent. That would fall into the category of TV lines. some cameras have 600 some have 700 and some format that into a 4:3 (square box) others send 16:9 (wide screen)

My runner 250 had a 600 tvl camera at 4:3 aspect and was like looking at square boxes being shuffled around. The camera I use now is 700 tvl and is 16:9 and is very clear. I have not noticed any perceivable difference between the two as far as any lag but I am sure there has to be some kind of lag.
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lower FPS will mean less information to see but also less to stream to the receiver thus cutting time before you can see it.
Good point. Then you have to ask whether seeing five more frames each second is better than a very slight increase in latency.


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Id say go with higher tvl and lower Fps with better resolution. That way you can see the smaller stuff like tiny branches that reach out and grab props in so many videos and learn to lead any system lag watching the big stuff.

Daniel Kezar

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I want to get a new camera for my tiny whoop (eachine e010s, stock) and i want to get one with a whip antenna. i found this https://www.banggood.com/Caddx-Beet...?rmmds=search&ID=44069534744&cur_warehouse=CN which is $12.11 on banggood and comes in PAL or NTSC. All my previous experiences have been in NTSC so im thinking i want to try PAL for that higher quality for youtube videos. the EV800D goggles i have automatically switch between formats.


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Hey Daniel. First thanx for the support and nice comments on my yt vids. Much appreciated.

As you have seen some of my vids I will give you an example. The kast video tribute I did for Veterens day was straighy off the dvr in the fpv camera.

That is the upper limit for fpv quality. Those tiny aio cameras on whoops will be even less because the size of the sensors in the camera.

Most of the vids on yt are done with stand alone action cameras like go pro or other similar cameras.

The clearer flight vids I have up are from various action cameras I have tried.

This is why they are making things like the runcam split. Higher definition in smaller sizes. The tech is not quite viable yet tho.

The hd footage is luvable but the fpv side is a friggen nightmare trying to see in anything but bright midday sun. Any change in shadows or direct light results in long time blindness in either washed out white or near total dark.

Bottom line to answer your question on a camera the size you need pal or ntsc will not make enough difference to matter.


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PsyBorg has his you know what together. I am not a real quad guy but when looking for a camera for a TinyWoop they usually do not fly fast enough to make a big difference, if you are running 1S batteries weight is where it`s at.