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Pixhawk4 which one and why?

Hello avid follower of the site ,so I am designing a rescue multirotor of sorts and am definitely set on the Pixhawk4 for FC and am going to use QGC and a Taranis X9D -+ for manual flight and testing .
My main question being that I am looking at the Holoybro for $ 211.00 USD vs the $ 75.00 xxx Brand on (hate to say it) Amazon is there any significant difference that is worth the extra $$$ for the Holybro vs xxxx
Be it know I am willing to drop the 200.00 + no worries but is it worth it and why please ???


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If you buy from a well known vendor who supports the hobby, you know you are getting a decent product and can depend on them for support. Otherwise..... you do so at your own risk....

Do you really want to cut corners and go cheap on a "rescue" device??
Good Morning Litterbug,
I truly understand what you are saying , I think I might have misrepresented my initial question. I was just curious what the differences are in the Pixhawk from say a amazon vendor for 70 bucks vs the holoybro 211 bucks . I do absolutely want the original or best if you will . I am by no means going to cheap out for $$ sake at all. I did not know if the price difference was just because of cheaper maker,PCB construction, cheaper chips etc...
the only place I see to get the original one by Holoybro seems to be from them directly , which is just what I'll do unless someone knows of a closer better place to order from as long as its not a knock off.. BTW how can the knock offs use the Pixhawk name ?
Thank You
Yes sir I am building a 650 class most likely with the tarot frame and the pixhawk 4 with plastic case and pixhawk GPs module also with the 07 power management board
Is the plan anyways
Almost certainly purchasing from Holybro directly
Only thing I dont like is the folding capabilities of the tarot frame but I will overcome that LOL
I was just curious what the differences are in the Pixhawk from say a amazon vendor for 70 bucks vs the holoybro 211 bucks
"Pixhawk" is an open hardware project. Theoretically, there is no difference. Realistically the difference is in component quality and build quality and in post-sale support.
For example - I had an older Ublox M6N GPS. I found a deal on a M8N only to find the hardware vendor had cut corners, one of which was not including an EEPROM chip. Technically it is an M8N GPS, sure, but it's stuck with the firmware it came with and can't be flashed. I didn't return it because if I had read the description carefully and looked up the chips listed, I could have deduced the lack of flash-ability.
Another anecdotal data point - I bought a cheap Px4 off Ebay and the z-axis accelerometer was bad. I sent that one back as "working accelerometer" is part of the Px4 spec.