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Planes: Fire & Rescue Challenge


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I just checked the FT Article of this episode to see if they updated it with the Goose plans and I found this: "FT Goose Plans (These plans were not repeatable unfortunately, but keep your eyes open for a future FT Seaplane!)"

awww :(


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Correction request for C-119 drawing.

Fwd boom profile does not fit properly to the rear half due to B fold placed on bottom of the part. The sides of the fwd boom need to be square to the top and not bottom. The top should have the B fold rather than the bottom. As drawn, the sides must be trimmed the thickness of the foam board to the non folded side (trimming off a triangle shape) so the top of the boom is aligned straight. See wing incedence markings for reference.

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Ok I don't want to get anyone's hopes up but I wanted to say that I am currently working on tackling this plane. I am taking a ton of pictures as I go along. I am not doing it in one straight go so no video. The down side is I ordered the motors and ESC's from Heads up, and he just emailed me said that there was an inventory hiccup and they only have one motor. So I am on hold for the motors to come back in stock. I currently have most of the body done, and I will say that I made some modification to the plans. I will post a full write up including pics when I get it finished. Any questions I can answer in the mean time shoot them my way and if I can I will try and answer.


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Well it appears that I have misjudged Cabbie. The plans as they are, are actually not to scale. I printed off nerdnic's plans and I know they are accurate. However when you print off the flite test scale from their plans the six inch scale is actually measuring three and three eighths. This would not be a problem but when assembling it appears that the max prop size is approximately seven inches. Furthermore the engine and prop size mentioned in an earlier post are grossly oversized if kept at this size. In order to get the right scale I have to enlarge by 178 percent. I am currently working on making the correct plans. I could keep going and keep the plans as they are printed but that would mean ordering new motors and esc's. Which would also mean that I would have no use for the motors and esc's I have already ordered and are enroute. We shall see. When I get home I will try and post some pictures of where I sit currently and some pics of what I mean with the scale.
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Thats unfortunate, maybe some 1500 kv blue wonders would fill the bill without breaking the bank. Or if you build both, you could have a mini cabbie and a mega cabbie... :p
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Thats unfortunate, maybe some 1500 kv blue wonders would fill the bill without breaking the bank. Or if you build both, you could have a mini cabbie and a mega cabbie... :p
Even at the smaller scale I don't think blue wonders would do the trick. I think possibly some 1500-1600 Kv 2826 might do the trick possibly but it is not all the way done so I can only guestimate what the final AUW would be.
Going to try and resurrect this, my kids and I were not building planes when this first came out (heck, one of my boys wasn't even born yet!), does anyone know of any accurate plans that worked to build cabby? It seems the last guy that tried didn't have a good experience with the plans on this thread, and the original FT plans linked in the first post does not work anymore. I would love to build cabby for my kids, so hopefully there are some good plans out there! Thanks!