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Please increase the idle/session timeout

I routinely have Flitetest forums up and running on another tab or in the background and I mainly use the "New Posts" function. If I am away for more than a few minutes or if I research an answer and in mid answer for more than a few minutes, I have to log back in. One, it kills all of the "new posts", unless something came in between the time I logged in and clicked the link and two, it kills anything I have typed, submitted and then asked to sign on. If you could increase the time that would be awesome.

It's located :Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options -> Session Timeout

The timer is in seconds.
@flyingmonkey 3 hours should be plenty... thx for changing that!

@pilot scott funny sidenote, i was just about to complain about the session timeouts this morning, because i use the forums same way you do (new posts is kinda my index page). but then new posts brought up this thread :D


More combat please...
I use firefox- never had to log back in but my "New Posts" would get reset periodically at random intervals.
Seems like it all works fine now.