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Possibly the strangest scratchbuild ever


Elemental Madness
I present:

Code-name Watermelon


Also known as the Carbon B-3, this is the craziest design yet. It utilizes a standard twin boom design, with a mixture of Peace Drone and sprinkled with green and blue tape to add some zest. The maiden should be by next week, the pictures show an incomplete design. There is still a top cover to add and I need to finish the motor mount and landing gear. It uses all carbon arrow shafts unlike previous, heavier designs. It is designed to lift a 5450mah 3 cell, GoPro or IR/zoom camera and FPV gear and to fly for around a half hour. The canard is mostly their for extra lifting surface and to bring the CG forward of the main wing. I did this for more payload capacity and also so I could include vertical stabs on the wings. I need it to track well without a rudder and verticle stabilizers need to be aft of the CG.I chose bright colors because I want it to be visible from the air when used for SAR. Also they make me happy :D
I will try to get the maiden in this week by my grandma isn't feeling so well and I may be spending the weekend with her in the hospital. We will see! Also winter is apon us and I have not had a good flying day for two weeks now.



If I can make a recommendation; perhaps it would be better to build a compartment for the camera, separate from the drone itself. Make the compartment spherical, and rugged, so that in the event of a crash, the camera will survive. But, the spherical shape could be utilized from another functional standpoint in that you could attach a servo to it and rotate it 360 degress. Mount it underneath the fuselage or as the nosecone, in which case just have it rotate left and right, up and down. Just a thought. Otherwise I think it's coming along magnificently!


Elemental Madness
The plan is to mount a 10x optical zoom camera in the front, as I said the top section is not pictured.
It will be recessed in the foam and be able to pan/tilt 360 degrees. There will be two video systems. I took your advice and decided we needed real time info!

The gopro is there for right now, but not for long. Besides, GoPros in their cases are crazy strong!