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Problem with a FPV noise outdoor


Junior Member
Hi guys, first of all, sorry for my english. So, i have Hobbyking OSD, HobbyKing 900MHz video sistem, and video capture USB device on my laptop. When i tested this system in my room, FPV video was good, like this
(but very bright, i fixed this in video capture program)
But, when i go to park, and start my FPV, even if motors are stoped, video looks like this
I don't see anything! If i unplug OSD from video system, picture become a little better, but not good anyway.
I changed both standard antennas to 900MHz cloverleaf, but it don't help.
what can i do with this, and how i can fix this problem.
Also, OSD picture is not good, because FPV camera is very bright, and i must to reduse brightness, but if i do this, OSD data become very fuzzy. What if i change the camera to smth else, i mean maybe camera don't work well?
When i watched Flite test video, guys used similar FPV system, but they have very good pictures


Junior Member
If I am not mistaken, your area cell providers use 900mhz. It's possibly interference.
Yeah, you're right, but i tested videosystem with my phone, like making a phone call near copter, but it's not working, i mean video looks good. Also, this park is not in city. there are no phone stations near park.
Looks like it might be multipathing, the signal reflecting off a building and causing interference.
I using a cloverleaf antena, it's blocking the interference, if i'm not stupid, lol. also there is no building near this park. And why interference isn't effecting at the building?
But i will try to experiment with a cellphone.

900mhz is not a good choice when you want to fly in a city or close to the city. Why? Cellphones and cellphone towers operate on the exact same frequencies as your FPV system which causes interference. I don't think that multipathing is the problem because of the lower frequency which means less reflection=less multipathing..