Problem with Emax Nighthawk Pro 280 RTF stock transmitter/receiver


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So I've been having this issue with my newly bought emax nighthawk pro 280. For whatever reason, when in mid flight the quad will jolt in terms of roll or pitch, and sometimes throttle, almost as if I've applied a very small but sudden action on the transmitter itself. But I could be simply hovering steady in the air and the quad will suddenly shoot upwards in throttle for no reason.

It's mostly obvious when I'm flying fpv, as I can see the jolts much clearer. I was wondering if this could be an issue with the receiver on the quad picking up false stick movements or something. It has been in a few crashes and there is a noticeable crack on the receiver, but it hasn't dented or anything so I'm not certain that this is the cause.

It might also be worth mentioning that I have altered the values in cleanflight. I adjusted the roll, pitch and yaw trims on my controller so that the transmitter middle readings in cleanflight were as close to 1500 as possible, I also altered the minimum throttle value and enabled motor_stop, because the motors were spinning too fast with my throttle at it's lowest point, and the quad would only just descend.

I've also altered altered the rates, and expo, I'd be happy to quote the exact values if necessary.

I hope I've given enough information. First post, rcgroups newbie here. Thanks in advance



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im a complete noob so i might be completely wrong and im certain others here will have more of an idea... but have you done a "factory reset"? on the end of your video u said "have i done something wrong in cleanflight?" well if you factory reset and it solves the issue then a setting was wrong somewhere... if the issue continues then you know its not the changes you made and could be a hardware/electrics problem

when im trouble shooting anything a take a note of current settings and issues, do a factory reset, try to recreate the issues, if i cant i reset 1 setting at a time trying to recreate the issue between each setting change... it may take a while but is a pretty good way of tracking down a problem when u have no idea why its happening

just my 5cents worth... but like i said im a complete noob someone else here will be able to tell you more im sure