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Problem with LongEZ build


New member
The B fold on the bottom half of the fusilage is giving me problems.

At the front end of the piece there is a 26 mm section of the fold slot where the side protrudes into the B fold groove on both sides. When I try to fold the side, the section crushes into the fold distorting everything. I have looked at the build video and I cannot figure out how this fold works without the "crush".

Do I extend the side notch to the end of the bottom with a razor cut or is there something I am missing?



Elite member
that tab where the b fold stops its got to sink down when you do the B fold and that part should anchor with the main part 01


New member
I am sorry, but I do not understand what you mean. when I try to make the "B" fold, the foam crushes into the bottom of the base of the structure. There is no space for the piece to fit. This causes distortion to that section on the fusilage. It seems to me that the notch on the side should continue to the end of the piece so that the "B" fold can wrap around the base properly.


New member
here is a picture that better illustrates the problem:


When I make the "B" fold the section outlined on the bottom, it crushes into the section outlined in the area above the "B" fold instead of fitting into place like the rest of the "B" fold. Do I cut the foam part of the section out on each side to get a proper fit?

It seems odd that the piece was cut this way.


Legendary member
you are correct, there is something wrong. there should be a cut line that allows the tab to fold under. if i remember right...?


New member
I took a look at the free plans and noticed that they match the parts that I received. Can someone at flitetest clear this matter up?


Elite member
I took a look at the plans - the portion in the box you have in post #4 should be cut all the way through. Then when you make the B fold that front most portion will face down and the tab will sit below the bottom plate.